Air Duct Cleaning – Why You Need it for Your Home or Office

Home and office property owners go back and forth on whether or not it is necessary to get air ducts cleaned. Here are the reasons why a professional air duct cleaning may be necessary for your home or office.

Reasons to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned
Over time, air ducts become dirty as they collect particulates, dust, and mold spores from outside air or if abnormal moisture is present. Dirty air ducts are also of particular concern following any reconstruction or remodeling work in your home or business, as the nature of construction generates lots of dust and particulates.

1_01-AirDucts_IllnessWhile studies by the EPA are inconclusive about the effects of dirty air ducts on indoor air quality, there are a few conditions in which the EPA recommends air duct cleaning for health reasons. You should consider hiring professional air duct cleaners if:

  • Family members or employees have unexplained symptoms or illnesses that you believe are related to the indoor environment
  • There is visible mold growth inside air ducts
  • Ducts are contaminated with pests
  • Ducts are filled with large amounts of particles, dust, or debris
  • Particles are released into the living area

The above air duct conditions could potentially lead to further problems such as mold illness, allergic reactions, and other sicknesses or symptoms. If your air ducts fall into any of the above conditions, it is important to get them professionally cleaned.

1_01-AirDucts_WhatToExpectWhat to Expect During Cleaning
A professional air duct cleaning service will follow specialized procedures to clean your air ducts safely. The procedures will likely focus on cleaning and disinfecting all of the HVAC supply ducts using professional, HEPA-filtered vacuums. The interior of the supply and return register boxes should also be HEPA-vacuumed and wiped down with an antimicrobial agent, and the grill covers should be cleaned as well. Additionally, the service provider should recommend that the heating and cooling system components be cleaned. The components that should be inspected and cleaned include the evaporator coils, blowers and blower motors, and plenums.

While the EPA does not recommend regular air duct cleaning, it is important to know when it is necessary to call the professionals. A professional service such as CLEAR Restoration will ensure that your air ducts are cleaned thoroughly and safely, improving the lives of you and your family or employees. Call CLEAR Restoration today to have your air ducts cleaned properly.

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