CLEAR Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration
By utilizing in-place drying techniques, our water damage restoration process focuses on saving and restoring your property back to its original condition before the water infiltrated your property in the first place.
Fire Damage Restoration
A fire in your home or office causes substantial damage to your property and creates chaos in your life. Our team of experienced fire restoration specialists addresses all safety concerns and quickly restores your property and your peace of mind.
Mold Inspection & Remediation
Our mold inspection specialists utilize the best and most sensitive moisture-detecting meters available to identify any signs of potential mold growth. Trained in industry best practices and innovative mold removal techniques we ensure any mold is contained and removed.
Air Duct Cleaning
Our experienced team removes all dust, pollen, mold, and particles from your air duct system. We decontaminate your air duct system to prevent particles and mold spores from spreading throughout your home or office.
Flood Damage Restoration
CLEAR Restoration immediately initiates a structural drying and disinfection plan for your home or office after a flood. We focus on restoring your home as quickly as possible while complying with all EPA, OSHA, and IICRC guidelines to ensure your office and household’s health.
Sewage Cleanup
CLEAR Restoration’s team is trained to ensure that your sewage loss is handled in a manner that conforms to all EPA, OSHA, and IICRC guidelines, thereby placing top priority on your and your household’s health.
When deodorizing a commercial building, CLEAR Restoration not only treats the odor but also finds the source of it and addresses the odor properly to remove it and prevent it from coming back.
Emergency Services
We are available 24/7 in case you experience a fire, mold, or water disaster emergency. We help you put your home or business back to normal and ensure you don’t face the emergency alone.