Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation Company in Baton Rouge

Mold Inspection

In order to grow, mold needs water and a food source, both of which are readily available should your home or business sustain water damage. Due to our region’s high humidity, mold growth also often occurs in homes and businesses without properly functioning HVAC systems and/or insufficient insulation.


Mold will not always be obvious and can sometimes hide behind walls, in crawl spaces, or under cabinets. We begin every mold inspection by scanning your entire structure with thermal imaging cameras, which pinpoint all areas that are potentially high in moisture. Then, utilizing the best and most sensitive moisture-detecting meters available, our mold inspection specialists test all areas where moisture content is potentially high. We will then visually inspect these areas, including hidden locations behind walls and under cabinets, to identify any signs of discoloration or potential mold growth.


mold-removalMold Remediation and Mold Removal

After confirming that mold remediation is necessary at your property, CLEAR Restoration formulates and executes its mold remediation plan in a safe and thorough manner. Your safety, and that of our team, is always our #1 concern throughout the mold removal process. As an experienced and Louisiana-licensed mold remediation contractor, our team is trained in industry best practices and innovative mold removal techniques that ensure the mold is contained to the affected area and that no cross-contamination occurs to any unaffected part of your home or business.

Finally, upon completion of our mold remediation plan, we can always recommend multiple vendors that can professionally perform any necessary reconstruction services.