DuctCleaning-allergensAir Duct Cleaning after Flood or Water Damage

If you’ve had a significant amount of water damage, such as from a flood, mold and other dangerous substances may be lurking in your heating and cooling air duct systems.

Air system ducts often already contain particles of dust, pollen, or other debris. With the added presence of moisture from water damage, mold can quickly grow in your duct system and release spores into your home or business.

Air ducts are perfect highways to spread spores throughout your property, spraying continuously as the system is turned on and off. These contaminants may cause you, your family, or your employees to experience allergic reactions or other illnesses and decrease the quality of the air in your home or business.

Our experienced service team uses specialized equipment to safely remove mold, dirt, and other particles. Our team performs through air duct cleaning services, leaving them uncontaminated, resulting in a cleaner indoor air environment.

We also take great measures to ensure the protection of your ductwork and furniture and take care to treat your property with respect during the entire process. Our careful and meticulous process ensures that your heating and cooling systems, along with your other property are not damaged. With our help, your air ducts will be contamination-free, leaving your home’s or business’s air cleaner for you and your entire family.