CLEAR Restoration is Your Baton Rouge Sewage Cleanup Company

Sewage contamination is extremely dangerous, as it can contain numerous forms of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, such as Hepatitis, HIV, Salmonella, and E. Coli. With the health concerns sewage contamination brings, it is important to remember that sewage contamination may not only be sourced from your household or structure, but also from other houses and structures nearby.




Our Sewage Cleanup Team Focuses on Your Health and Safety

When your structure sustains a sewage loss, it is important that you hire a trained professional to perform the sewage cleanup and remediation to ensure your safety. CLEAR Restoration’s team is trained to ensure that your sewage loss is handled in a manner that conforms to all EPA, OSHA, and IICRC guidelines, thereby placing top priority on your and your household’s health.

Our sewage cleanup remediation plan includes containment of areas that are unaffected to ensure no microbiological cross-contamination occurs. We will also remove and discard all affected building materials that cannot be salvaged in accordance with IICRC guidelines. All sewage and standing water will be extracted and the structure will be disinfected and dried in a manner that will earn your confidence that the potential health threat is mitigated.