floodwaterFlood Damage Restoration in Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas

Flood damage to your home or business can be one of the most stressful situations you can encounter. Outside waters invading your house and damaging your cherished belongings can turn your world upside down as you try to figure out what to do and who to call. At CLEAR Restoration our team of professionals knows first-hand the toll this can take on you and your family. Our team will arrive quickly, ready to assist you onsite in developing the next steps in flood damage restoration for your home or business.

From an immediate initiation of a structural drying and disinfection plan to any necessary demolition of flooring, walls, and cabinets, our team will quickly handle all of your needs, all the while observing our industry’s standards and best practices. We especially regard your and your family’s safety as our top priority and observe rigorous safety procedures that meet EPA, OSHA, and IICRC guidelines to ensure your household’s health.

Our main goal in providing flood damage restoration is to quickly and safely get you to the point where you can begin planning any required reconstruction, so you can get back to what is most important to you.