The Results of Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Results in Better Cleanliness, Airflow, and Allergy Reduction

Many homeowners face the question of whether to have their air ducts cleaned sooner or later. Does it offer any benefits? Is it really worth spending the money to have it done?

You’re not alone. While air duct cleaning may not always be necessary, there are times you’ll need to have your air ducts professionally vacuumed, wiped down, and sanitized.

When you want significant results in home cleanliness, airflow, or allergen reduction, air duct cleaning could be your answer.

Clear Out an InfestationClean your air ducts after an infestation of ants or any vermin.

After a bug or rodent infestation, you need to clean and sanitize everything in your house. Cleaning your entire home also includes cleaning your air ducts. Since those sneaky pests will leave a trail of hair, feces, and other dropped particles where ever they go, cleaning all infested areas is important.

Rodents and bugs often use air ducts as a way to travel within your home. If you want your home to be completely clean after you experience an infestation, then getting your air ducts cleaned is essential.

Have your HVAC air ducts cleaned to remove all traces of an infestation. You’ll ensure you are not circulating hair, feces, and other dropped particles in your home with proper cleaning.

Reduce Allergens

Being enclosed spaces where temperatures frequently change and condensation builds, air ducts are perfect spaces for mold and other irritants to live.

The EPA states, “If moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth (e.g., mold) is increased and spores from such growth may be released into the home’s living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other symptoms in people if they are exposed to them.”

If your goal is to reduce allergens and improve indoor air quality then having your air ducts cleaned may be a good option for you and your family. Air duct cleaning will remove mold, dust, and pollen that have built up within the ducts and on all components of the HVAC system, preventing them from circulating in your home.

Increase Air Efficiencybigstock--140136365_resized

Being too hot or cold can make anyone irritable even on the best of days. You should never be uncomfortable in your own home. If you think that your home isn’t heating up or cooling down as efficiently as it used to, then it might be time to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned.

Large obstructions or heavy build up within your air ducts can restrict airflow and make your house uncomfortably hot or cold during the different seasons. Your HVAC system will also be working harder to compensate, possibly reducing its lifespan.

Having your air ducts cleaned can offer significant results in HVAC efficiency, air quality, and cleanliness. If you are concerned about the state of your air ducts, call CLEAR Restoration and get the results you need in your home. CLEAR Restoration will clean, sanitize, and wipe down your air ducts and HVAC system for significant results.

Clean your air ducts today.Clean your air ducts today.

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