How to Prevent Carpet Mold

How to Prevent Carpet Mold

How Does Mold Grow in Carpet?

The extreme humidity in Louisiana can create a perfect environment for mold growth in your home’s carpet. Thick carpet fibers can easily absorb and retain moisture for an extended time. Wet carpet encourages mold growth. Mold spores in the air can land on the carpet and begin germination – well on their way to growing mold without your knowledge.

Leaks, flooding, or cleaned carpets that aren’t entirely dried can result in mold growth. You might not even notice until mold becomes visible three weeks later. Untreated mold in the carpet can do more damage than the carpet itself. It can go beneath the carpet and into the baseboard of your flooring. Catching mold in your carpet before it appears is difficult, but not impossible.

If you notice damp spots of carpet or a strange mildew odor, it’s best to start investigating it before it causes health issues.

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Health Effects of Untreated Mold in Carpet

Gloved hand using brush to spot clean carpet mold

Mold in your carpet can just as easily affect your health. Left untreated, mold can cause health effects, such as throat, skin, and eye irritation, coughing, and stuffy nose. Health effects can also be more severe for individuals with a weakened immune system. Mold can cause respiratory infections or worsen asthma symptoms.

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How to Prevent Mold from Forming in Carpet

There are several ways you can prevent mold from growing in your carpet. Tips include:

  • Using a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low
  • Keeping your home ventilated by opening windows, turning on fans
  • Vacuuming often to keep dust that accompanies mold away
  • Steaming clean wet areas to remove toxins in the carpet
  • Keeping carpet out of high moisture areas
  • Installing moisture resistant carpet
  • Replacing home air filters with ones that filter out dust and mold allergens

How to Remove Carpet MoldPerson using a vacuum to clean carpet mold

Once you determine that mold is found in your carpet, it is necessary to act quickly. Mold can easily spread to other parts of your home. Although you can attempt to tackle the issue with gloves and chemical products, it’s recommended that you contact a mold remediation expert. CLEAR Restoration provides thorough mold remediation services that begin with an inspection and follow through with a complete plan to eliminate the mold.

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If you need mold remediation services, call the professionals at CLEAR Restoration in Baton Rouge at 225-245-3575.

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