Cleaning Your Air Ducts After a Flood

Cleaning Your Air Ducts After a Flood

The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Ducts After a Flood

With hurricane season starting June 1 and continuing through November 30 each year, Louisianans face many potential floods. When flooding occurs, people tend to focus on their home’s tangible damage but often forget about the intangible or hidden damages.

After a flood affects your home, it is important to remember that the air quality within your home is likely to suffer. You’ll need to take measures to ensure your home’s air is safe to breathe, so you and your family stay healthy.

HVAC Systems Get Damaged During a Floodfloodedairducts_HVAC

Floodwaters rise quickly and can easily reach several feet. With your HVAC system sitting at ground level, it will be exposed to floodwaters, causing it to be unusable.

Your HVAC system contains numerous parts and cavities that are difficult to inspect and clean. Simply letting the system dry out is not a good enough measure to ensure it’s safe to use. Coils, fans, and chambers all need to be cleaned or replaced properly to ensure your system is running safely. Disinfection and cleaning are best left to licensed remediation professionals who know how to properly service HVAC systems.

Remove Mold by Cleaning Your Air Ducts After a Flood

Mold can grow within 48 hours when certain conditions are met. As mold only needs a food source, water, and warm temperatures to grow, people who experience flooding in Louisiana should also expect to deal with mold colonization soon after.

Your ductwork is one of the most likely places for mold to grow after a flood because it provides all the necessary conditions. Getting your air ducts cleaned after a flood will ensure you are not circulating mold into your home.

With your health on the line, it’s best to call a licensed air duct cleaning company that uses HEPA vacuums and proper duct cleaning techniques.

Purify the Air in Within Your Home

A professional air duct cleaning company can also clean the air within your home to make sure air contamination does not linger after a flood. Using HEPA air scrubbers and hydroxyl or ozone generators, the air ducCleaning Your Air Ducts After a Floodt cleaning company will scrub the air of any odor, bacteria, and mold.

This air purifying technique prevents your HVAC system from circulating contaminated air through your ductwork and back into your home.

Flooding causes an excess amount of damage to your home. While it can be easy to forget about during all the commotion, cleaning your air ducts after a flood is extremely important for your health. Call CLEAR Restoration to clean your HVAC system, air ducts, and your home’s air to make sure your home stays a safe place to live.

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