Fire Damage and Fire Damage Cleanup Timeline

Fire Damage and Fire Damage Cleanup Timeline

A fire in your home or business can be a traumatic experience and cause damage to your house or building. The most important thing to do after the fire is extinguished and you make sure everyone is safe is to take immediate action in the restoration process. The faster that you begin restoration, the less damage will occur, as time worsens the damage. Here is a timeline of the potential fire damage you could experience in your property over time:

It is Essential for Fire Damage Cleanup to Begin Immediately

  • Damage the day of: After a fire, soot residue immediately begins to cause discoloration among your appliances, plastic objects, and absorbent materials. This discoloration will immediately begin to become a deeper stain, which could have a lasting effect on your counter tops, furniture finishes, appliance finishes, and more.
  • Damage in the first few days: Discoloration in your home or business will start to become permanent within the first few days of the fire. This will make it impossible to remove the traces of the fire from your appliances, walls, and other household objects.
  • Damage in the future: Discoloration is not the only problem you may face after a fire in your home or business. Over time, the damage from a fire can cause the structurcalling a professional cleaning serviceal household components to disintegrate as warping from heat compromises the metal piping, a permanent odor due to smoke settling in, and your personal items to have long-lasting effects.

After a fire, the key to remember is that you can’t wait. Restoration of your home or business must begin immediately. In order to restore your building to its original state, calling a professional fire restoration company is essential, as they can provide you with the help you need to restore your house. Here is a list of the services a professional fire restoration company will provide:

  • Inspection: Specialists will come to your home or building to inspect and record the damage. They will be sure to identify every spot that has been affected by fire damage and provide you with a pricing quote. These professionals will ensure that each spot is accounted for.
  • Cleaning: A professional restoration service will use high-quality cleaning mixtures and tools in order to properly clean your house. The first step that the company will take to clean your house after a fire is ventilation using high-powered fans to clear the smoky air. Next, they will use specialized cleaning products to clean the walls, ceilings, doors, fixtures, floors, etc. Using a high-powered vacuum, they will remove all of the soot from your upholstery and carpeting.
  • Treatment: A professional restoration service has access to specialized equipment that will rid your home or business of the smell of smoke. Using multiple techniques including ozone technology that is not sold to individuals, the licensed specialists will be able to permanently remove odors resulting from a fire.
  • damages from a fireRestoration: The last step is to fully restore your home or business to its previous state. Licensed specialists make sure that the structure is safe before deodorizing and cleaning. After restoring the structure, items that need more intense methods of restoration will be packaged and then taken to a facility where specialists do a deeper professional deodorizing and cleaning routine. Items such as drywall and flooring that cannot be repaired are removed and then replaced by the professional service. This restoration process will ensure that every piece of your home is as safe and clean as it was before the fire.

While a fire in your home or business can be a traumatizing experience, it is important to take restoration action immediately. A professional service can help ensure that your home or business returns back to its normal state after the misfortune of a fire as quickly as possible. Call CLEAR Restoration today to ensure that your home or business is restored properly and professionally.

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