Fire Safety Tips for a Safe New Year’s!

Fire Safety Tips for a Safe New Year's!

Fire Safety Tips for the New Year’s! Stay Safe During Your Celebrations.

Welcoming the new year with a party is a tradition. Drinks, music, and of course fireworks are just the start of the celebrations when your friends get going. And while it’s always a good time to go all night, it can also be dangerous if celebrations aren’t kept in check. To keep the fun while also staying safe, those of us at CLEAR Restoration have assembled some fire safety tips for you so you have a safe New Year’s celebration.

Fire safety tips, avoid catching pots on fire
Fire Safety Tip #1: Keep a Close Eye on the Cooking

From greasy foods cooked on the stove to oven baked snacks filled with cheese, New Year’s food is all about binging. With all that grease around your stove top, a grease fire can spring up easily and spread quickly if the food isn’t watched carefully. The oven can also start a fire if items are left in there too long. With two-thirds of home cooking fires being the result of food or cooking materials catching fire according to the U.S. Fire Administration, keeping flammable items away from the stove and watching your food carefully is extremely important this New Year’s.

Fire Safety Tip #2: Check You Lights and Wires

Lighting up your home with holiday lights and more decorative lighting such as festive string lights is pretty standard for New Year’s. Since you only pull out holiday light’s once a year, however, the wires, plugs, and bulbs could be damaged without your knowledge. Pets and vacuums could also cause damage to the lights when you aren’t looking. As you plug them back in for New Year’s, you could end up with the lights causing your carpets, decorations, or other items to catch fire.

Before plugging in your holiday lights again, double check the cords for exposed wire, the plugs for proper connection, and the bulbs for any missing or broken pieces. Double checking your lights will help prevent fire damage in your home.

Fire Safety Tip #3: Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

Bringing in the new year with a bang sounds like a fun idea, but when the celebration ends with you in the emergency room, it won’t be fun anymore. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 12,900 fireworks-related injuries occurred in 2017. In addition to personal injuries, fireworks cause an average of 18,500 fires per year. If you want to keep your person and your home safe from fire damage this New Year’s, you might want to skip the fireworks.

Candle burning that you should watch as a fire safety tip
Fire Safety Tip #4: Watch the Candles and the Grill

Any source of fire that can spread is a risk to your home’s safety. If you’re planning on grilling out this New Year’s, be sure the grill is on a flat surface and at least 10 feet from your house. Putting the grill on concrete versus a wood deck or the grass is also advisable. This will help prevent stray flames from catching things on fire and getting out of control.

Candles are also a concern when it comes to preventing fire damage during New Year’s celebrations. Keep candles on flat surfaces away from other objects and from pets and children so they can’t be knocked over or catch other items on fire. Never leave a candle unattended either.

Fire Safety Tip #5: Inspect Your Fire and Smoke Alarms

It might go without saying but it’s extremely important to make sure your fire alarms are working properly before New Year’s. Deactivating them while cooking or forgetting to change the batteries may not seem like a big deal initially, but that small alarm can make a huge difference in your safety. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, the risk of getting caught in a home fire is cut in half if you have a working smoke alarm in your home. To stay safe this New Year’s, make sure your smoke and fire alarms are working properly.

New Year’s is supposed to be a fun time. Keep your holiday a celebration by following the above fire safety tips to prevent a fire this New Year’s. For fire damage restoration services or more safety tips, contact CLEAR Restoration today.

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