Avoid the Flu with Air Duct Cleaning

Avoid the Flu with Air Duct Cleaning

Avoid the Flu this Season with Airduct Cleaning

Winter brings cooler temperatures, fun holidays, and unfortunately, the flu virus. Every year it seems that a new string of flu is passed around, cutting attendance numbers at work, school, and holiday celebrations. While there are common steps you can take to prevent the flu, you may be wondering what else you can do to avoid catching the flu virus.

Along with yearly vaccinations, proper hygiene, and healthy eating, you can also have your HVAC systems cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning company. This preventative measure can help save you from feeling sick in bed for a week.

Keep Your Immune System Up and Don’t Trigger Your AllergiesClean air ducts to keep allergy triggers down

Keeping your immune system in top shape is the most important thing you can do during flu season. Washing your hands often and taking your vitamins is a good starting point, but for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, you may have a more difficult time. People with allergies and who also contract the flu are more at risk for serious consequences and hospitalizations.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu virus further inflames the lungs and airways of allergy sufferers, which often leads to pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

Keeping allergy triggers low in your home or workplace can help prevent the more serious inflammation in your lungs and airways. With dust, mold, and bacteria building up in your air ducts and on your heating unit over the summer, having them cleaned by professional HVAC cleaners can help reduce and prevent inflammation.

Maintain a Consistent Warm Temperature

According to Harvard Medical School, the flu virus not only thrives in cold weather, but there is evidence to suggest that our immune systems are weakened in cold temperatures. With that in mind, the last thing you want to do is allow your home to become too cold during flu season.

In addition to turning your heat on when the temperatures start to drop, you also want to make sure your air ducts are open and unclogged. Large objects and heavy buildup in your air ducts can prevent warm air from reaching all the rooms and keep temperatures low. If your home or office feels unusually cold even with the heater running, it may be time to have your air ducts and HVAC system inspected for clogs or damage.

Keeping your air ducts clear can help you and others avoid catching the flu.

Circulate Clean AirA clean air filter will help keep clean air circulating in your home

It is a common suggestion to isolate those who are sick with the flu. From asking someone to stay home from work to avoiding the room of someone who is ill, keeping your distance from someone infected with the flu virus is a common preventative measure.

While avoiding the room keeps you from direct contact with the infected person, it doesn’t necessarily remove all exposure to the illness. The flu virus is an airborne virus, and the air we breathe in a home or work environment is circulated throughout our air ducts on a regular basis.

For flu outbreaks in hospitals, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests that patients be put into a room with isolated HVAC systems and exhausts. While most people can’t set up isolated HVAC systems in their home or workplace, they can help control viruses from spreading by cleaning their air ducts.

Air duct cleaning involves disinfecting air ducts and changing HVAC filters. With HEPA air filters installed and your air ducts disinfected, you can breathe with peace of mind knowing that the air ducts are clean, even when someone is sick.

Along with performing the normal preventative measures for flu season, you can also have your air ducts cleaned and disinfected for additional protection. During this flu season, avoid the aches, pains, and fever with proper preventative care and air duct cleaning. Call CLEAR Restoration to schedule an air duct cleaning and stay healthy this winter.

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