Hurricane Damage FAQ’s

Hurricane Damage FAQ's

Hurricane Damage FAQ’s

Hurricanes are dangerous natural disasters because they combine two powerful elements: wind and water. Although warnings for hurricanes are often issued in time for safety evacuations, the dangers after the storm and the damage caused during the storm still must be dealt with after returning back home. People have many questions after coming back home to their damaged houses. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions so you can prepare yourself for hurricane damage.

What Should I do After a Hurricane Floods My House?

After a hurricane floods your house, and you have made sure that everyone is safe, you should contact a water damage restoration company. Entering a house with standing water is not advised as electrical appliances and wiring can render your home extremely dangerous. By contacting a water damage restoration company immediately, the remediation process can begin right away and your home will be one step closer to being safe again.

Should I Call the Insurance Company First After Hurricane Damage?

As water causes more damage the longer it sits, insurance companies advise homeowners to contact water damage restoration companies first after a hurricane hits the property. The water damage restoration specialists can begin the cleanup process immediately, preventing more damage. After contacting a water damage restoration company, contact your insurance company to begin the claim process.

What Are the Different Types of Hurricane Damage I Should Look For?

Hurricane damage comes in all different proportions. From roof damage to flooding, a hurricane can affect every part of your home, even the inside. A full inspection of your home after a hurricane blows through is probably the best and safest way to locate any and all damage. Inspectors can check for obvious damage such as roof leaks and even hidden damage such as mold growth within your vent system.

Can Hurricane Damage Cause Mold?

Yes, hurricane damage can and often does cause mold growth within your property. As hurricane winds can cause openings in your roof, windows, and other weak spots, it is easy for water to get into your home and cause mold to grow in as little as 24 hours.

Starting the hurricane restoration process with emptying your home
How Does the Water Damage Restoration Process Start?

If you have water damage in your home after a hurricane, a water damage restoration company like CLEAR Restoration will start the cleaning process by making sure no additional water is getting into your home and will patch up any openings. From there, CLEAR Restoration will start the drying process using water extraction machinery to ensure your home is dry and safe.

How Long Does the Hurricane and Water Damage Restoration Process Take?

The time length of water damage restoration depends heavily on the amount of damage within your home. Demolition, remediation, drying, vent cleaning, repairs, and complete restoration can take up to several weeks to complete. Your restoration company will work with you and your insurance company to complete the process as quickly as possible.

Is the Water from The Hurricane Safe to Be Around?

Water from hurricane damage and flooding is considered unsafe water to be around. Floodwater is always considered contaminated as it has many opportunities to mix with sewage, bacteria, chemicals, debris, and other pollutants. It is advised to avoid floodwater whenever possible.

Hurricane Damage to the Roof
Will My Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

Homes in coastal areas often have a hurricane damage deductible built into the insurance. Separate policies can also be purchased but the damage caused by a hurricane may not always be covered. Check with your insurance company to determine what your deductible is and what is included in your coverage. Restoration companies are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can help you with quotes and estimates when needed.

Don’t be lost the next time a hurricane causes damage to your home. Call CLEAR Restoration for hurricane damage quotes and restoration services so you can get back to living your life. We are experts in hurricane damage restoration and can help you quickly and safely restore your home.

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