Mold Affects More than Your Health

mold effects on health

The Effects of Mold Range from Health Problems to Stains in Your Home

You’ve heard countless times about the effects of mold on your health. It can cause upper respiratory problems such as difficulty breathing, coughing, stuffy nose, wheezing, and other symptoms. Mold, however, does additional damage, causing other disruptions in your life that you may not know about. Find out about the lesser known troubles mold causes and how it can affect your life.

Mold Will Stain

Mold survives on moisture, warmth, and organic material. If mold is in your home, chances are it will continue to grow because it’s always working to expand its colony. The chemical reactions that happen during the mold’s metabolic process can cause unsightly stains on your walls, floors, furniture, or anywhere else it grows.mold water damage

With the different types of mold and the variety of colors it comes in, staining can be unpredictable and different in severity. Some stains may come off with scrubbing. Other stains may be difficult or impossible to remove without removing the entire area.

Couches, dressers, and smaller items may need to be taken to a furniture restoration company or thrown out. Fortunately, mold remediation companies know how to remove staining caused by mold on household structures such as walls and floors. When dealing with stubborn or permanent staining, mold remediation companies can replace household structure materials.

Mold Will Come Back

You can remove mold from your home so that irritating spores stop causing you and your family problems, but mold is persistent. Since mold only needs three things to grow – warmth, water, and organic material – it will come back unless you remove one of the staples it needs to grow. The persistent nature of mold can cause you and your family endless problems until you ensure it will not grow back.

Mold grows in the same temperatures humans find it comfortable to live in. In addition, the organic material mold uses to grow can be as simple as dust. With this in mind, most people opt to limit moisture in their homes due to warmth and organic material being nearly impossible to avoid. Without finding the source of the moisture and eliminating it, mold will continue to come back.

Any mold remediation companies worth their salt, however, will help you find the source of the moisture and provide suggestions to finally eliminate the moisture in your home. Eliminating the moisture in your home, whether its patching up a hole or resealing your foundation, will prevent mold from growing again.

Mold Removal Can Cost You

Another inconvenience of mold is that it takes time to remove, and if you plan to remove it yourself, it can be expensive. Removing mold is not usually a one-hour job. In addition, between the supplies you have to buy, and the knowledge you need, it can be a costly and an intimidating undertaking.mold window

You need specific knowledge to safely remove mold and prevent the spores from spreading when disturbing it. If you have a deep-rooted mold problem, you may also need some construction knowledge. If you decide to try doing it yourself, mold removal could take several days or weeks, depending on the severity and your other daily responsibilities. You may also have to stay out of a portion of your home or your entire home for an extended period of time.

The EPA suggests that if the mold covers an area more than 10 square feet, you should follow certain techniques or hire professionals who are licensed in mold remediation to handle the problem. Due to the high health risks in removing mold, handling a big removal job is best left to the professionals who have the proper equipment, knowledge, and skills to properly remove mold. Mold remediation companies can also help diminish the disruption to your home by cutting down the time it takes to remove the mold.

If you are dealing with a mold problem in your home, call CLEAR Restoration today. CLEAR Restoration eliminate the health risks to you and your family and prevent the other effects mold causes. From removing stains to ensuring it won’t return, CLEAR Restoration can make the mold removal less of a hassle.

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