The Health Dangers of Soot Damage

The Health Dangers of Soot Damage

Smoke Soot and Soot Damage Can Affect Your Lungs. Know How to Properly Clean it for Your Family’s Safety.

Every time you light a candle or burn wood in your fireplace, a residue, called soot, is left behind long after the fire is extinguished. Smoke soot clings to all types of materials, turning them black and usually greasy. While you may expect soot in your fireplace or around the brim of your candle containers, you most definitely don’t expect it in your whole home or even covering part of your home. Soot damage cleanup is just one area of the fire restoration services that CLEAR Restoration provides.

Types of SootA fireplace which has soot damage

It may surprise you to learn that not all soot is created equal. There are a few types of soot including dry and oily. Both types of soot can easily cover ceilings, walls, and surfaces and can be found anywhere in the home after a fire. In fact, the type of soot you have in any given area in your home after a fire depends on what caught fire in that space.

For example, plastic and rubber materials usually cause oily soot while wood and paper materials will produce dry soot. There are specific cleaning methods that need to be followed for each type of soot for complete and safe removal. If you are dealing with a large area of soot or heavy residue, it is recommended you call professionals like CLEAR Restoration for proper cleanup.

Health Dangers of Soot and the Damage it Can Cause

Smoke soot is just as dangerous to breathe in as smoke itself. According to the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), soot particles can cause respiratory hazards. The AIC states that soot particles are usually 2.5 microns in size which is small enough for deep lung penetration. Without proper protection, soot particles can be inhaled and irritate your lungs.

In addition to the health hazards that soot presents, it can also heavily damage your belongings and home. Smoke soot can seep into your walls, linens, furniture and more, not only staining your belongings but also causing a powerful and long-lasting odor.

Smoke Soot Damage CleanupA candle which can cause soot damage

Soot damage is usually difficult to clean. If you have a small area that has minor soot damage, you can try some of these home techniques from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. However, even the Public Health Department recommends you call professionals for large affected areas and heavy residue. As soot can cause respiratory problems, professionals are more equipped to deal with soot safely and remove it completely for your safety.

At CLEAR Restoration, we are equipped with commercial grade HEPA vacuum cleaners and safety masks. As an IICRC certified company, we use effective methods of cleaning such as ozone air purification, hydroxyl ions, thermal fogging and more to meet both OSHA and EPA standards. Don’t risk your family’s health or your property, contact a professional to have any soot damage cleaned from your home properly.

Call CLEAR Restoration for smoke soot cleanup today at 225-245-3575.

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