Summer Rain Brings Water Damage

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A Rainstorm Can Cause Water Damage to Your Roof, Foundation, and Gutters

During the summer months, Louisiana experiences more rainstorms than during any other season. From the high winds to the pounding rain, these summer storms can cause significant damage to your home or business. Ensuring your property is ready for the storms will help prevent you from paying costly repair bills.

Preparing your home or business for the upcoming rainy season is as simple as shoring up your property’s key defenses. Avoid water damage during the rainy season by making sure your property’s roof, foundation, and drains are able to handle the coming downpours.

Water Damage and Your Roof

Your roof protects you from the storm’s elements the most. High wind and heavy rain can result in broken shingles, soft spots, and leaks. With a damaged roof, more problems can occur such as water damage on ceilings and walls.

Havroof damage from watering your roof inspected before the rainy season for potential problems can help you avoid costly repairs during the later summer months. Loose shingles and holes should be fixed promptly to prevent further internal water damage. If damage does occur during a storm, have it addressed as soon as possible. Water leaking into your home can result in mold growth in as little as 24 hours.

Rain can Rock Your Foundation

Keeping water away from your property’s foundation is just as important as maintaining your roof. Your foundation’s concrete can and will absorb water causing cracks and flooding. The first defense to keeping water away from your foundation is making sure water properly drains away from your property to prevent any buildup.

Ensure the land slants away from your building to avoid having foundation and flooding issues during the rainy season. If you experience flooding in the basement of your home or business after a storm, call CLEAR Restoration immediately. A restoration company can remove water from flooding and prevent mold growth after a storm.

Gutter Drainage Matters During a Rainstorm

An important aspect of keeping water away from your home or business is keeping your gutters in good condition. Gutters and drainage systems direct water away from your home and keep your foundation from being over-saturated. These property essentials are often forgotten about until it is too late.

dirty gutters from rainWhile your home or business may have survived the first rainstorm intact, this may not be the case during the entire rainy season. Gutters can become clogged or damaged after a storm from debris collecting in the channels. Have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis during the summer months to prevent water from collecting near your property’s foundation.

Preparing your home or business for the upcoming summer months can help you avoid water damage after a rainstorm. Roof inspections, clean gutters, and properly draining yards prevent water damage from occurring to your home or business. If your property does sustain water damage during a rainstorm, call CLEAR Restoration as soon as possible. A water damage restoration company will help you recover from the storm and restore your property back to its original condition.

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