Do Air Purifiers Help with Mold?

Can an air purifier help with mold?

Can an Air Purifier Help with Mold?

Is mold wreaking havoc in your home and causing health issues for you and your family? Then, you may wonder if an air purifier can help with mold. CLEAR Restoration will break down whether an air purifier can help with mold growth in your home and when to call a professional mold remediation company to eliminate mold once and for all.

CLEAR Restoration has expert mold removal and abatement services that have helped households and businesses eliminate mold from their premises across Baton Rouge. When you need experienced and trusted experts to restore your home or facility, contact us at 225-245-3575.

Why Addressing Mold is Important

Before you ask if an air purifier can help with mold, you must understand that mold isn’t just an unsightly nuisance; it poses serious health risks to you and your loved ones. You’ll know you have mold in your home when you experience symptoms such as:

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Skin Irritation
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Red or Itchy Eyes

Along with severe health reactions, mold will also damage the structural integrity of your home or business. So, the sooner you address mold, the better you can prevent further damage and health risks. If mold has caused significant damage, it’s best to call a trusted and professional mold remediation company offering top-notch mold abatement services to protect your home, building, workers, and loved ones.

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How Air Purifiers Help with Moldan air purifier next to a side table and cat helping prevent mold growth

If you are wondering if air purifiers can help with mold, the answer is yes (with limitations)! They capture mold spores and control the spread of airborne particles, thus preventing them from reproducing and spreading. Different types of air purifiers help with mold by preventing errant mold spores from gaining a footing in your home.

These include HEPA filters and UV-C Technology air purifiers, which can trap mold spores and other tiny particles your HVAC system picks up before distributing them through your ducts. But, air purifiers should be used as a preventative measure tool. If you already have a mold problem, air purifiers cannot help with mold.

Mold in Your Air Ducts: When Air Purifiers Cannot Help with Mold

Air purifiers can help mold by controlling a few random spores in the air; however, they cannot effectively combat an existing mold growth problem in your property or within your air ducts. Mold can grow quickly in your duct system, fueled by accumulated moisture and debris. When mold is present in your air ducts, it can release spores throughout your home, leading to poor indoor air quality and potential health risks.

While air purifiers cannot help with mold here, professional duct cleaning services can. Duct cleaning involves removing dirt, debris, and mold spores within your ducts to eliminate mold and prevent it from spreading further throughout your home or office. Maintain a clean duct system, significantly reduce mold growth risk, and improve overall air quality with CLEAR Restoration’s professional air duct cleaning services.

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Limitations of Air Purifiers Helping with Molda woman dusting an air vent

Now that you know air purifiers can help with mold spores and control the spread, you must know they cannot address the root cause of the problem. There’s only so much an air purifier can do; it should act as a preventative measure rather than a solution to eliminate mold.

To tackle the issue, prioritize proper cleaning, prevention, and remediation. Be sure to reduce humidity, fix leaks and spills as soon as you notice them, and improve ventilation to prevent mold growth in your home or office effectively. Combining these methods with an air purifier that helps with mold will keep your home or office mold-free.

When An Air Purifier Can’t Help with Mold – Contact CLEAR Restoration

While air purifiers can help with mold sometimes, they won’t solve bigger issues. When you need expert mold abatement services throughout your home or office, contact CLEAR Restoration. Our expert team will help you eliminate mold from your premises and prevent it from returning. Don’t let mold take over your life – call 225-245-3575 and breathe easier knowing your home or facility’s air quality is in safe hands.

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