What Does Hoarding Have to Do with Mold?

What Does Hoarding Have to do with Mold?

Can Hoarding Cause Mold?

Hoarding disorder is a mental health and behavioral condition that results in difficulty discarding possessions because of a perceived need to save them. Hoarding can present a physical and mental health risk to those living in the house, such as social isolation, injury from shifting or falling items, fire hazards, and more.

Some common questions people have when living with a hoarder include, does hoarding cause mold, and does hoarding exacerbate mold issues? CLEAR Restoration has answers to these questions, and our mold abatement experts are available whenever mold becomes a persistent issue in your home.

dust in a vacuum How Can Hoarding Cause Mold?

Hoarding can cause mold due to immense clutter, blocking areas prone to moisture. Plus, problems can occur in the house, such as leaks from windows and pipes or spills on furniture and carpets. Mold only needs moisture, food (any substance), and oxygen to grow and can grow in as little as 24 hours. When you cannot see or access the areas with excessive moisture, you cannot fix the issue, allowing mold to grow freely in your home.

Another way hoarding can cause mold is by preventing airflow. The control of air movement in your home is critical in ensuring moisture does not gather all in one place and create an environment for mold growth. When you have piles of clutter in your home, that airflow is blocked, and moisture cannot be distributed throughout your home effectively.

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How Can You Tell if Mold is in a Hoarder’s Home?

There are ways to tell when mold is growing in a hoarder’s house if you can’t tell by sight alone. Here are a couple of signs you should look out for if you believe hoarding has caused mold to grow in a home:

  • A musty smell
  • Allergy or asthma flare-ups
  • Discolored spots, fuzz, or spores on furniture
  • Warping on walls

If you notice any of these signs, hoarding may have caused mold growth in your home and presents a serious health risk to the occupants. When you need quick and efficient mold abatement services, contact CLEAR Restoration. We have experienced mold removal and abatement experts that can restore your home in no time.

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a bunch of clutter from a hoarder's house that could cause moldWhy You Shouldn’t Clean Mold Caused By Hoarding Yourself

Attempting to clean any mold in your home could cause spores to release into the air, creating a higher chance of you inhaling them. Cleaning mold caused by hoarding adds complexity to the cleanup process as spores are more likely to spread onto other items in the house and cause more mold growth.

You also need to watch out for piles of clutter falling and injuring you. Don’t worry about the physical and health risks of cleaning mold caused by hoarding when you contact a professional mold removal and abatement company like CLEAR Restoration.

It is important to reduce clutter in the home before you call a mold remediation company to minimize the risk of mold from hoarding returning. Also, ensure you maintain fewer items in the house. Once the clutter is gone, CLEAR will restore your home and provide a safe environment for you and your loved one. Contact 225-245-3575 today for expert mold removal and abatement services.

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