How to Prevent Mold in Your House

Six Ways to Prevent Mold in Your House

Six Ways to Prevent Mold in Your House  

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or you’ve spent the better half of a decade in the same house, it’s crucial to prevent the spread of mold. While some mold and mildew can be cleaned easily, that is not always the case. Keep the people in your home safe and follow these six steps to prevent mold in your house.

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  1. Ensure Proper Air Flow

One way you can prevent mold in your house is by ensuring that your home has proper airflow. Mold thrives off of moisture. This is why you need to make sure that your air conditioning, vents, and fans are working to circulate the air and keep rooms dry.

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  1. Keep Areas with More Moisture CleanWoman discovering mold in her house

Another way to keep mold of out of your house is to make sure any areas exposed to moisture are clean. This includes bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. With the high humidity levels of the Louisiana climate, it’s best to keep anti-mold or mildew cleaning products on hand and use them regularly in areas with high moisture. Routinely remove items on your countertops and clean every surface area, so mold doesn’t have something to use as a food source.

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  1. Be Aware of Leaks

Don’t hesitate to get any leaks checked out. A leaky pipe that goes untreated can turn into a massive headache and added expenses for you by causing a mold outbreak or water damage to your home. Contact a professional to schedule an annual check for leaks.

  1. Clean Your Roof & Gutters

Gutters filled with leaves and debris can hold moisture for an extended time. The great amount of moisture can cause cracks to develop in your roofing, which in turn can cause mold growth in your attic. Keeping your roof and gutters clean can help prevent mold in your home.

  1. Paint with Mold Prevention Based PaintsPaintbrush painting walls with mold preventing paint

If you’re revamping your home with a paint job, use mold prevention-based paints to prevent your house from becoming victim to mold. This specific type of paint has components that deter mold from growing on your home’s walls.

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  1. Change Your Air Filters

Air filters that are graded for mold spores add another layer of protection since mold can cause airborne illnesses and allergies. Regularly changing your air filters helps prevent mold spores from spreading throughout your home. Install mold-graded air filters to help prevent your family from having allergies and other seasonal respiratory issues.

If you find mold in your home or want a mold remediation professional to conduct a mold check, reach out to the professionals at CLEAR Restoration in Baton Rouge. Call us at 225-245-3575 for all your mold inspection or mold remediation needs.

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