What to Do if You Find Mold in Your Appliances

What To Do If You Find Mold In Your Appliances

What Causes Mold in Your Appliances?

What would we do without our appliances? With modern-day appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators, cleaning our homes and storing our food has never been easier. However, when we find mold in our appliances, it can be a real problem. Mold in your appliances can present a risk to your health. Exposure to mold in your appliances can cause upper respiratory issues, trigger asthmatic reactions, and cause severe reactions and infections.

You do not want mold in the same appliances you use to clean dishes, wash clothes, and store food. Mold in these appliances can make you sick by attaching to your clothes or dishes. Learn what causes mold in your appliances, where you can find mold, and when to call a mold removal and abatement company, like CLEAR Restoration.

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What Causes Mold in Your Appliances?

Many of our most-used appliances require water, such as washing machines and dishwashers, and mold grows where water and moisture live. Mold can appear in our appliances because of:

  • Poor ventilation
  • High moisture levels
  • High humidity
  • Leaks
  • Clogged Drains
  • Human Error

Once you identify which appliance has mold growth, you need to act quickly. Mold can easily spread to other parts of your home, like your walls or inside your pipes. If mold has spread from your appliance to your walls or into your water system, call a mold inspection and abatement company that will be able to contain and remove any mold growing inside your home.

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Where Can You Find Mold in Your Appliances?

You may find mold growth in these appliances:

  • Front-load washers
  • Top-load washers
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher

Since these appliances require water, it is recommended to check them routinely for any mold growth or moisture that could be trapped. If you need help identifying mold in your appliances and are worried if the mold growth has spread to nearby areas, call CLEAR Restoration at 225-245-3575. Our mold abatement experts identify any signs of potential mold growth and help remove mold that has spread into other areas of your home.

Front-load Washers

In this appliance, mold usually tends to grow in the detergent drawer and door seal. Mold will start to grow if there is trapped moisture when the door or detergent drawer is closed. Take out the laundry as soon as it is finished, and leave the door and drawer open to air it out so mold does not grow in this appliance.

Top-load Washers

Mold will grow between the drum and interior walls of top-load washers. Mold in this appliance will be caused by a mixture of water and humidity after a load of laundry. Remember to leave the lid open after each wash to prevent mold in this appliance in the future.


Warm air and a lack of ventilation will cause mold in this appliance. Mold will grow between door seals and on food that has stayed in the refrigerator for too long. If there is any spoiled or expired food in your refrigerator, throw it out as soon as possible. Clean spills immediately and wipe the inside of the refrigerator with vinegar once a month to stop mold growth in this appliance.


Damp food particles left behind after a cycle will cause mold in this appliance. Mold will start to grow in the filter, silverware basket, interior panels, and door gasket. Run a cycle with only a cup of white vinegar on the top rack once per month to remedy this issue. You can also clean out the gasket and run an empty cycle. Regularly checking the silverware basket and filter will also prevent future mold growth in this appliance.

Contact a Mold Removal and Abatement Company When Mold is in Your Appliances

If mold has started to spread from an appliance to other parts of your home, contact CLEAR Restoration immediately. Mold spreads quickly and can spread onto walls, ceilings, floors and more putting you at risk if left untreated.

Trying to clean mold yourself without the proper protection can lead to serious health risks. The experts at CLEAR provide quality mold abatement services in the Baton Rouge area. When you need professionals to inspect your home for mold that has spread from your appliances and remedy any damage, call CLEAR Restoration at 225-245-3575.

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