How Does Fire Affect Concrete

What is the effect of fire on concrete?

What You Need to Know About the Effect of Fire on Concrete

Concrete is one of the best fire-resistant building materials for construction. Despite this, fire’s effects on concrete can negatively impact its structural integrity. Depending on how intensive the fire damage is, concrete’s high durability can weaken. Read on to learn about fire’s effects on concrete and whether you need fire restoration services from a reliable fire restoration company like CLEAR Restoration.

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What are the Effects of Fire on Concrete?

Because of its strong fire resistance, the effects of fire on concrete will mostly be insignificant as long as the fire does not go beyond certain temperature. In most cases, fire-damaged concrete is fixable by patching cracks or tuckpointing mortar joints, which The effect of fire on concrete can leave it burned and unstable.involves replacing damaged mortar with new mortar that is a similar color to the concrete slab. Even when exposed to fire, concrete will remain just as stable if a second fire occurs.

However, if a fire exceeds 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cause concrete to lose its integrity and break. Intense fires can cause the breakdown of the chemical composition of concrete. Spalling, which is the damaging of the structural integrity of concrete, can also occur. If temperatures reach over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, concrete will no longer possess its full structural capacity.

In the case of extensive structural damage, concrete will need to be demolished for reconstruction. When a fire has negatively affected the concrete in your home, call CLEAR Restoration for fire damage restoration. From light soot damage to significant structural damage, we can restore your home and your peace of mind.

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Is Concrete that Was Affected by Fire Safe for Your Home?

Once a home fire is extinguished, an inspection should occur to evaluate the effect the fire had on concrete in your home and the rest of the structure. A quick visual examination to see any cracks, color distortions, and misalignments will give you a good idea of how much the fire affected the concrete. Light damage will appear as a lightly mottled gray and orange, while extensive damage will take a darker orangish reddish color.

Professional restoring concrete after the effect fire has left on it.After working with your insurance company and inspecting the effect a fire had on concrete, a professional can patch concrete suffering from slight spalling. They do this by removing small spalled areas, restoring them with a mix of concrete mortar and water, and applying a large flat trowel to even it out. This fix is only feasible if the integrity of the concrete structure is still intact, which means it is safe for your home.

If you notice a dark orange-red color, cracks larger than 1.6mm (0.06 inches), or if the steel reinforcements within the concrete are exposed, the concrete is no longer structurally sound. Some of these damages may be fixable through methods such as tuckpointing, but if the effect of the fire on concrete is substantial, it is unusable and dangerous to use in reconstruction.

Seek Fire Damage Restoration Services When Fire Affects Concrete

After a fire, you should seek fire damage restoration services to completely evaluate the effect of the fire on concrete and restore your home. CLEAR Restoration can provide a thorough inspection and expert restoration services to alleviate fire damage and return your home to pre-loss condition. Call CLEAR Restoration today at 225-245-3575 for fire damage restoration services that will protect you and your home.

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