When to Call a Mold Remediation Specialist

When to Call a mold remediation specialist

When to Call a Mold Remediation Specialist – 4 Signs You Need to Act Now!

You might want to deal with mold yourself when you spot some growing in your home, especially when you think calling a mold remediation specialist would be too costly. While there are some instances where you can handle mold yourself, big cases will require you to call a mold remediation specialist.

These professionals are highly trained and have experience inspecting homes, identifying mold, and creating an action plan to eliminate mold. While you may not want to pay for mold remediation, if mold is left unchecked, it can lead to costly fixes for devastating structural damage and potential adverse health effects. Also, handling mold without the help of a specialist could lead to further damage and create more health problems for you. In the long run, getting help from a professional is more cost effective.

If you find any significant mold growth in your home, call the mold remediation specialists at CLEAR Restoration. With several years of experience, the specialists at CLEAR can quickly and efficiently identify and eradicate mold in your home. Learn when to call a mold remediation specialist by identifying these four telltale signs.

Woman in a kitchen calls a mold remediation specialist on her phone4 Telltale Signs You Need to Call a Mold Remediation Specialist

  1. Substantial Water Damage

If your home has sustained water damage due to a flood, leak, or other reason, you need to call a mold remediation specialist. Water damage creates the ideal environment for mold growth, and if it is not taken care of, you will have to address significant water damage and a mold infestation.

Most mold remediation specialists are also trained in water damage restoration and can restore your home after flooding or a leak. Contact a local, reliable, and trustworthy water damage restoration company and ask about their services and mold remediation specialists.

  1. You Can Smell or See Mold

Mold and mildew have a distinct musty odor to them, and if you can smell it, you are most likely dealing with mold growth in your home. When you can smell mold or mildew, it is time to call a mold remediation specialist. Even if the scent is faint, do not ignore it. Failure to immediately take care of the problem will result in substantial structural damage to your home.

If you can see mold growing in plain sight, you shouldn’t need any more convincing to call a mold remediation specialist, right? Well, there are exceptions. If you’re dealing with a small amount of mold, you should be able to handle it yourself with a DIY cleaning solution of vinegar and baking soda. The vinegar solution should work if the mold covers a small area on easy-to-clean surfaces, like glass, tile, metal, etc. Be sure to wear gloves and a respirator mask to prevent breathing in the mold and avoid direct contact with it.

You should call a mold remediation specialist when the mold is bigger than ten sq. ft., if it has spread to another part of your home, or if you are dealing with toxic mold.

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  1. Your Home is Too Humid

Mold loves moisture and humidity. So, when your home is humid, you shouldn’t be surprised to see mold growth. This happens when there is high humidity outside, the HVAC system isn’t working correctly, or your home has poor ventilation. When you call mold remediation specialists to eliminate mold, they can also provide helpful tips during high humidity periods on how to keep your home properly ventilated.

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  1. You’ve Seen This Before

Homeowners are likely to deal with mold growth in their homes more than once due to unfortunate events or underlying structural issues. It’s unfortunate, but it better prepares them for what to expect if it comes back. Mold will return if you have underlying moisture issues affecting your home that are not adequately addressed. When you need a mold removal and abatement company that can provide effective services to ensure mold does not return, call CLEAR Restoration.

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A mold remediation specialist identifying and examining mold in a homeWhy Should You Call Mold Remediation Specialist?

Mold remediation specialists are trained and equipped to deal with any type and amount of mold. They have vast knowledge and experience in removing mold from homes and can track the source of moisture and fix the issue to stop excess moisture from building up in your home.

You should also call a mold remediation specialist if you have tried to take care of the problem yourself, but mold keeps coming back. DIY methods can work, but if done incorrectly or the cause of the mold isn’t dealt with, then it will come back.

Contact the mold remediation specialists at CLEAR Restoration today when you want mold removed from your home. They can restore areas of your home affected the most by mold. Call 225-245-3575 for mold abatement services.

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