What Cleans Smoke Damage After a Fire

What cleans smoke damage after a fire

The Best Techniques to Clean Smoke Damage After a Fire

The first few days after a fire bring commotion with the insurance company, fire department, and concerned loved ones knocking on your door. Many people don’t realize the issues around fire damage last long after the fire’s been put out. After a fire, you could be faced with a lot of stressors, from dealing with the insurance to figuring out what cleans smoke damage and removes the lingering smell.

If you’re worried about that persistent smoke smell, there are methods for cleaning smoke damage and removing the odor. When smoke damage services are performed by fire remediation specialists, like the team at CLEAR Restoration, you can start breathing clean, safe air and leave the fire behind you.

Don’t let your home and personal life get derailed by a fire. Call our fire remediation specialists at CLEAR Restoration to remove all smoke and fire damage.

Hydroxyl Ions

One method to treat smoke damage is using hydroxyl ions. The ions contain a small amount of ozone that, when combined with water and ultraviolet light, break down airborne compounds that cause odors.

The trusted team at CLEAR Restoration uses hydroxyl ions to safely clean smoke damage and remove odors from your home or business, so there is no lasting smoke smell.

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Thermal Fogging

This IICRC-approved method produces a substance similar to smoke. When this substance comes in contact with smoke-damaged items, it removes the smell effectively and permanently. Thermal fogging is a great option because it removes odors from materials such as drywall, carpet, and wood, as well as from the air. As IICRC-certified restoration specialists, the team at CLEAR Restoration knows how to best apply thermal fogging around your home to clean smoke damage and remove all odor.

Air Purifiers

Woman using an air purifier to clean smoke damageProperty owners can take measures to clean up smoke damage in a building by using an air purifier. An air purifier improves indoor air quality by using filters to remove traces of smoke, odors, or other volatile organic compounds (VOC) present in the air post-fire. You can purchase portable air purifiers with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters installed.

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, HEPA filters (or high-efficiency filters) “can reduce indoor particle concentrations by as much as 85 percent.” Activated carbon filters remove the smoky odor and presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, along with other serious health issues.

However, an air purifier cannot remove all smoke damage by itself, especially when porous items such as drywall, carpet, and wood have absorbed the odors. Additional methods must be used in combination with air filters.

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Get Help From A Fire Restoration Company

A man working for a fire damage restoration cleans smoke damageAfter the fire, a fire damage restoration company can come to your home and perform specialized cleaning to clean smoke damage.

The smoke cleaning process involves using specialized methods such as thermal fogging to remove soot and smoke, ventilation, carpeting cleaning, and more.

Cleaning up smoke damage is harder than you think as the smell seeps into your property’s structure and materials. If you’re having trouble cleaning up smoke damage, the team at CLEAR Restoration can help clean up smoke damage with thermal fogging or hydroxyl ions.  

CLEAR Restoration Will Clean Up Smoke Damage in Your Home

Smoke damage lasts long after the fire has stopped burning. If you’re at a loss for how to clean up smoke damage, contact CLEAR Restoration today. Our fire remediation services can help restore your home to its damage-free condition. Soon, your home will be back in order, and you can put the fire and losses behind you. Call us now at 225-245-3575 for better air quality.

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